THE ABILITY TO VISUALIZE 375 500 Anita Margolis Interior Design

As a child I always remembered being surrounded by glossy magazines with colorful photographs of beautiful homes and stylish fashion models.

I could not have imagined what an influence that would have on my life.

It seemed I had learned to visualize at an early age, a skill that would be a huge asset to me in my professional life as an Interior Designer and Artist.

The ability to visualize is a very critical skill in creating a Successful Design Scheme.

 Consider the major Elements of a Successful Design Scheme:

  • Interesting Color Combinations that enhance the space
  • Flooring that creates a sense of unity to the space
  • Stylish/ Functional Lighting
  • Cabinetry that is compatible with the Design                   
  • Furniture based on the appropriate Scale, Style, and Shape
  • Fabrics, Textures, and Wall coverings that contribute to the overall Design

Now Visualize it all working together!!!

Anita Margolis, ASID