A LEAP OF FAITH 542 419 Anita Margolis Interior Design

I have often though how difficult it must be for clients to entrust the design of their home to someone else. After all, nothing could be more personal. As an Interior Designer, I listen carefully and work together as a team with my clients to understand what their needs and preferences are. Our goal is to create a beautiful and comfortable space. I want to…

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THE ARTIST AS AN INTERIOR DESIGNER 352 500 Anita Margolis Interior Design

Combining the elements of what makes a beautiful Interior Design are similar when creating a beautiful work of Art. One of the ways to create Visual Excitement is by Contrast. For example: Contrasting deep rich colors with soft muted colors Contrasting large scale upholstered seating with small scale tables Contrasting large scale geometric fabrics with small scale patterned fabrics Contrasting clean contemporary furniture with detailed…

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THE ABILITY TO VISUALIZE 375 500 Anita Margolis Interior Design

As a child I always remembered being surrounded by glossy magazines with colorful photographs of beautiful homes and stylish fashion models. I could not have imagined what an influence that would have on my life. It seemed I had learned to visualize at an early age, a skill that would be a huge asset to me in my professional life as an Interior Designer and…

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The Magic of Color

The Magic of Color 627 500 Anita Margolis Interior Design

When I was a young woman living in New York City and attending Parsons School of Design, I soon discovered the wonders of the Museum of Modern Art. I was particularly drawn to Paul Cezanne, a  French artist of the late 19th Century and a leader of the Post-Impressionist School. I was captivated by his range of colors and use of lights and darks to…

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